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$1000 Silver Certificate Sold for $2.6 Million

100-year-old silver certificate | photo via CNBC TODAYMonday   A testament to the value of silver and its enduring popularity, a $1,000 silver certificate that was issued by the government in 1891 was purchased at an auction for $2.6 million earlier this month. The certificate features an image of a 19th century [...]

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Silver Demand Rising

by Amber Zhai photo by Mark Herpel (digitalmoneyworld) | Flickr.com Industrial demand for silver has always been high due to the use of the metal in electronic gadgets, medical applications, satellites, weapons systems, etc. Now, however, investment demand for silver seems to be heading toward a sharp increase in years to come [...]

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The Rich History of Silver

by Amber Zhai photo by seriykotik1970 | Flickr.com Dating back to ancient times, man has apparently always been obsessed with shiny things. Silver: the Early Years Since its discovery, silver has been highly regarded and coveted for both its aesthetic appeal and practicality. The first significant mining of silver began sometime after [...]

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3 Tests to Tell if your Silver is Real or Fake

by Alex Francis Sterling silver antiques are incredibly valuable and silver jewelry is undeniably timeless, so it’s no wonder that such items are very commonly faked and forged. So before you find yourself buying jewelry that will turn your skin green or paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for what you think is a set [...]

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An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Silver Nanoparticles

KTH chemistry researcher Josefin Illergård (Photo: Håkan Lindgren) by Alex Francis For years now, silver nanoparticles have been embraced for their antibacterial properties and used in the making of a number of products, but increased concern for the effect that they could have on the environment has pushed researches to come up with an alternative. [...]

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JP Morgan Silver Price Manipulation Case Dismissed

by Alex Francis Photo by Salim Virji | Flickr.com In September of 2011, a group of 44 plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase & Co. alleging that the banking corporation manipulated the market price of silver in such a way that the plaintiffs incurred significant losses on June 26, 2007 and between [...]

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