On February 21, 2012, a new version of Rep. Phil Hart’s gold and silver currency bill was introduced to the House State Affairs Committee. This updated version of the bill declares that Idahoans may use gold and silver coins at face value as “legal tender.” Ultimately, these coins can be used as an alternative to the already circulated Federal Reserve Notes, which are currently the nation’s only recognized form of currency. The Federal Reserve Notes have come under widespread criticism for ultimately being worth more than they truly are.

The bill states that gold and silver coins used in transactions are exempt from any type of tax, including excise, sales, income, or capital gain taxes. Many are critical of this bill, claiming it is simply another form of gross tax avoidance, as the state would be missing out on a lot of cash for coins. In fact, Rep. Phil Hart is well known for being a blatant tax protestor, who currently has a pending appeal with the Idaho Supreme Court over unpaid taxes. He is also in legal trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. The state is reluctant to pass the bill, stating that they would lose an estimated $50,000 in capital gains on taxable items.

Is this a clever way to avoid taxes? Or is this a brilliant way to stimulate the economy? By lowering the state (and eventually, the nations) reliance on the monopolistic monetary system, known more affectionately as “the dollar bill,” huge economic strides become possible. Regardless, many Idahoans and Americans don’t know what to do with their collections of gold and silver coins. Instead of allowing these coins to collect dust, while hoping this Idaho bill, and other similar bills around the country, come to pass, why not get cash for coins? By using Cash for Silver USA, you won’t just be getting cash for coins, but you’ll be getting cash for coins right now.

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