Antique Silver Mirror

photo by vidalia_11 via

From Tennessee to Florida, antique silver has been disappearing from homes since February 2011. Over $10 million worth of the precious metal is estimated to have been stolen, and one “master thief” was finally arrested for the crimes.

The 51-year-old suspect covered his tracks expertly, disabling alarm systems and replacing panes of glass in the windows he broke into. He strictly sought silver antiques and tested the silver content of his loot at the scene before making off with the finest items and leaving the plated silver behind. It wasn’t until a retired police officer became aware of the thefts that the authorities were able to make sense of the case.

The retired officer had helped imprison the thief five times since 1983 and recognized that the recent series of silver thefts carried his signature precision. The man dealt primarily with silver because victims often don’t realize that they’ve been stolen from until a special occasion arises, and “stolen silver isn’t tracked nearly as routinely as fine art.” He managed to make away with items as valuable as a silverware set smithed by Paul Revere before finally being brought to justice this week.

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