Sell Scrap SilverIf you’ve contemplated selling scrap silver with Cash for Silver USA, there may be no time like the present to actually get started. Metals prices rose Monday, the result of an encouraging report by the United States manufacturing industry. Platinum, palladium and silver can all be traded as industrial metals or precious metals, which is great news for commodity traders. Palladium and platinum are most well-known for their use in catalytic converters and are crucial elements for many different manufacturing industries.


The rising prices of these metals could signify that investors are putting their money into metals as a way to escape the falling dollar. At a time when dollars are devaluing and the value of everything else seems to be increasing, shifts in the economy are expected. Factories are the biggest consumers of diesel, so an increase in business equates into an increased demand for diesel. Crude oil prices are expected to rise, which is bad news for natural gas. Although natural gas came out of its 10-year slump, its worth is nowhere near that of crude oil or gasoline.


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