While a one-year marriage anniversary is memorable and comes with its own traditions, like eating the slice of the wedding cake that’s been in the freezer all year and giving each other gifts made of paper, the silver and golden anniversaries are the ones every couple looks forward to. The Silver Anniversary marks twenty-five years of wedded bliss, and the Golden Anniversary commemorates fifty years of matrimony.


The Silver Anniversary:


Silver and Gold AnniversaryAccording to Hallmark, the custom of associating silver with the 25th marriage anniversary originated in the Germanic region of Middle Europe. The tradition of that time was for a husband to give his wife a silver garland to celebrate the occasion. The silver was meant to symbolize the harmony that was necessary to make so many years of matrimony possible.


Since then, much has changed. While it is still customary for husbands and wives to treat each other to fabulous silver items, the silver gifts can take on many shapes and forms: earrings, necklaces, cuff links are all suitable gifts made of silver. For those wishing to take a more personal approach, a hand-made CD filled with popular love songs from the year you were married, a watch or a silver photo frame with a snapshot from your first date or wedding would be ideal for those with a more sentimental spirit.


The Golden Anniversary:


For those blessed enough to spend fifty years married to the one they love, the Golden Anniversary is a major celebration. Similar to the Silver Anniversary, a husband would give his wife a garland made of gold to commemorate spending fifty years with her. While it is customary to have a party with friends and family for the Silver Anniversary, it almost seems mandatory to throw a couple celebrating their Golden Anniversary an epic gala.


If you’re a spouse preparing for your Golden Anniversary, a trip to the Gold Coast or a gold mine may be something to consider.  If you know a couple that lives in the United States, a request can be sent for a greeting from the White House. The request must be received six weeks before the date, and the personalized greeting will be sent ten days before the anniversary. For those in charge of throwing a party for the happy couple, a family quilt with a gold theme and contributions from each member of the family is sure to be a gift that will melt their golden hearts.


Gift Ideas:


As a family member or friend attending a Silver or Golden Anniversary celebration, you may be confused about gifts. For the Silver Anniversary, the traditional gift is one made of silver. While silver jewelry is common, some may be looking for something with a bit more of a modern twist. A relatively modern gift idea is presenting the couple with tickets to a concert, movie or event.


You may be asking yourself where the silver comes into play. It’s as simple as presenting the tickets in a silver bag or envelope. For the Golden Anniversary, the tickets can be presented in gold packaging. Personalized gifts are always best, especially since senior citizens are usually trying to cut back on clutter, and knick-knacks and trinkets may do nothing more for the couple than contribute to the problem. A quilt, photo in a frame, or a collage of everything that reminds you of the couple are all great gift ideas for those thrifty partygoers with their minds on their pocketbooks.


Gift ideas are as infinite as your imagination. Chances are, if it’s from the heart and given a personal touch, the happy couple will be as happy with your gift as they were with each other on their wedding day.


Happy anniversary from Cash for Silver USA!