Cash for Film Scrap, X-Rays, and Lithographic Film




At Cash for Silver USA, not only do we buy traditional silver items, like silver jewelry and tableware, but North America’s largest film scrap refiner is now accepting film scrap that contains silver! Whether it’s old x-rays or film negatives, as long as your film scraps contains silver, we will take if off your hands and pay you cash: Weighed & Paid within 24 hours!


We Buy Film Scrap from All Over the World


The scrap film that is sent to us should be common 4-mil silver bearing scrap litho negatives and/or virgin/unused film. The dark areas on the film negative are where the silver is contained, so be sure to keep this in mind when considering what types of film scrap to send us. Ultimately, the darker the negative, the more silver there is, and the more silver there is, the more cash you’ll get in exchange for your film scrap.


Dental & Medical X-Rays


scrap dental x-ray filmX-rays are a huge part of diagnosing issues in almost every medical field. Dentists and other medical professionals often deal with x-ray machines and x-ray film every day, and that can lead to the buildup of massive amounts of film scrap. What should medical offices and hospitals do with all of the leftover film scrap that accumulates every day? Cash for Silver USA gives your facility the option of selling that scrap x-ray film for cash.


Industrial X-Rays Film


industrial x-ray film scrapIndustrial computed tomography is the widely used method of inspecting both external and internal industrial components using x-ray technology. The use of x-rays in industrial settings is common and essential, causing the accumulation of x-ray film scrap. Selling your x-ray scrap film negatives to Cash for Silver USA can not only give your business the means to recycle excess film scrap, but we’ll give you cash for it!


Lithographic Film


lithographic film scrapLithographic film, or litho film, is used in the printing industry to house the negatives of publications to be printed. Any printer that regularly utilizes lithographic printing will eventually accumulate large amounts of lithographic film scrap. Cash for Silver USA will pay cash for your lithographic film negatives.


Our Guarantee


In addition to paying you cash for your film scrap, we have earned a reputation in the industry for the highest payouts! Not only do we promise you large amounts for your cash, but we back that up with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with the amount on your check, all you have to do is send it back, and we’ll return your items as soon as possible.


While the film scrap you send us can contain a small percentage of halftones and a few color separations, most of the film should be black negative film. So if you’re like most and have made the transition from old and outdated film to digital, you may have boxes of old negatives and film scrap taking up space in your place of business. If you fall under this category, why not send us your scrap film and make some cash?


We DO NOT Accept:

  • Paper-based film
  • Flats, or film attached to any other material (goldenrod, plastic sheets)
  • Polymer or plastic printing plates


Strict 50 lb minimum. For Large Loads (500 lbs +), contact our corporate office at (781) 784-0000 and we’ll help you make complimentary shipping arrangements!