Sterling silver flatware, a staple of traditional dining settings, holds both sentimental and monetary value.

Looking to sell your silver flatware? Discover the top brands of silverware to sell, learn the best methods for selling silverware, and find out where to sell your silver pieces for top dollar.

5 Tips for Selling Silverware

Here are some tips for making sure you have flatware that can be sold:

1. Check For Silver Purity Marks

Silver flatware, silver cutlery, silver trays, and other silver pieces contain silver purity marks that provide insights into the value of your silver.

Purity Description Common Uses
999 (Fine Silver) Purest form of silver Bullion bars, coins, medallions
925 (Sterling Silver) 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper Jewelry, silverware, professional cookware
900 (Coin Silver) 90% silver and 10% copper Historical coins, collectible items
835 83.5% silver and 16.5% other metals European silverware, jewelry
800 80% silver and 20% other metals Common in European and antique silver

2. Look For Hallmarks And Stamps

The hallmarks and stamps on your pieces can tell you who made them, who designed them, and who manufactured them. Depending upon where you plan to sell your silverware, these could have an impact on the value of your silver.

3. Learn About The Manufacturers

The hallmarks and stamps on your pieces can tell you who made them, who designed them, and who manufactured them. Depending upon where you plan to sell your silverware, these could have an impact on the value of your silver.

Certain manufacturers of silverware have a higher reputation, like Tiffany & Co., Gorham, and Wallace.1 When you learn about the manufacturers, you will discover which are known for their quality, craftsmanship, and historical significance.

These are some of the many brands that have manufactures sterling silver flatware:

Several manufacturers produced pure silverware, crafting items from solid silver rather than silver-plated materials. Some of those specialty silver flatware manufacturers include:

  • Georg Jensen2
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Gorham Manufacturing Company
  • Christofle3
  • Puiforcat
  • Mappin & Webb
  • Reed & Barton
  • Kirk Stieff
  • Arthur Stone

These manufacturers created sterling silverware that is highly sought after by collectors today. In addition, when evaluating the worth of your antique silverware,4 however, it’s wise to seek advice from experts in the field, such as antique silver specialists or professional appraisers. These experienced individuals can provide valuable insights into your silverware’s historical significance, rarity, and overall value. Additionally, it’s important to consider the potential collector’s value, which may go beyond its intrinsic worth.

Brands of Sterling Silver Serving Pieces, Patterns, Silverware & Antiques

Brand Brand Brand Brand
Allan Adler Alvin Amston Baker – Manchester
Blackinton Concord Dominick & Haff Durgin
Durgin-Gorham Easterling Fessenden Frank Whiting
Gorham Howard International Kirk
Kirk Stieff Knowles Lunt Lunt-Towle
Manchester Mauser Mayer Merrimac
Mount Vernon National Old Newbury Crafters Oneida
Reed & Barton Richard Dimes Christofle R and B-D and H
R and B-Sterling II Schofield Shiebler Frank Smith
SSMC-SAART Stieff Tiffany Towle
Tuttle Unger Wallace Wallace-Sterling II
Wallace-Italy Watson-Newell Watson-Wallace Watson
Weidlich Westmorland Whiting div. of Gorham W &D Graff

4. Avoid Silver Plate

Silver plate actually does not contain much silver and therefore has little resale value.

Silver-Plated Brands

Brand Brand Brand Brand
Assyrian Head Carnation Charter Oak Columbia
Danish Princess Daffodil Eternally Yours Fleur de Luce
Grenoble Heraldic La Vigne Marquise
Moselle Remembrance Siren Tiger Lily

5. Get an Appraisal to Discover the Value Of Sterling Silverware

When figuring out how much your sterling silverware is worth for selling, you need to consider its purity, weight, and the current spot price of silver.

Also, antique sterling silverware, especially if in demand, will command a higher price. A recent search on eBay and Etsy turned up what some antique pieces and sets are being sold for.

A Tiffany & Co. squirrel bon bon spoon made of 925 silver had a $500 asking price.11 A Gorham Buttercup four-piece place setting has a price of $219.12

Keep in mind that the selling price might not match the current spot price because businesses need to make money, too. Here are ways to get an idea of what your silverware value is:

  • Determine if your pieces are rare or antiques: If you plan on selling to a collector or other private sale, rare and antique pieces might bring in a higher price.
  • Understand the silver market: The spot price of silver plays a role in what you can sell your silver for. Watch the silver market to see where the silver price is when you plan on selling. Per Kitco, the price of silver is $30.82 per ounce as of July 16, 2024.
  • Get an appraisal: An appraisal of your silverware by a professional provides an expert evaluation of its material, maker, condition, and market value of silver, offering insights into its worth based on current market trends. Cash for Silver USA can provide you with a free Appraisal Kit:

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How to Sell Silverware

Once you get an idea of your silverware’s value, you can start preparing to sell it. Here’s how to sell silver for cash:

  • Clean and polish it: If you are looking to sell in person or in an online marketplace, you will want your silverware looking as attractive as possible.
  • Choose how you want to sell it: Do you want to sell it locally or sell it online?
  • Create a listing: If you choose an online marketplace, like Facebook or eBay, create a detailed listing with clear photos and a comprehensive description of your silverware.
  • Negotiate and finalize the sale: If it’s a private or local sale, be prepared to have to negotiate a final price and potentially arrange shipping. At Cash for Silver USA, there’s no need to negotiate. We’ll make you a fair offer, which you can accept or not.
  • Ensure a safe transaction: If you are meeting a buyer in person, choose a safe location for the sale. When you sell to Cash for Silver USA, we insure your valuables, provide a tracking number for your package, and store it in a secure facility once we receive it.

Where to Sell Silverware

When trying to figure out where to sell your silverware, there are many options representing local buyers and online buyers.

Local Options for Selling Silverware “Near Me”

If you want to sell sterling silver flatware locally, you can do a number of searches, including “sell silverware near me,” “silverware buyers near me,” and “sterling silver flatware buyers near me.” This should give you a variety of local buyers, like:

  • Antique shops
  • Pawn shops
  • Consignment stores
  • Auction houses
  • Silver collectors
  • Jewelry and silverware dealers

However, your best offer might be through an online silver buyer like Cash for Silver USA. Plus, when you sell to us, you don’t even have to leave your house.

Online Options for Selling Silverware

  • Online marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, and Etsy
  • Specialized online buyers like Cash for Silver USA

Where to Get the Best Price for Silverware, Guaranteed

If you have sterling silver flatware and serving pieces, then you will be glad to hear that Cash for Silver USA will pay you cash for any sterling silver flatware or serving pieces, no matter the hallmark, brand or condition!

We have a long history in the precious metals business, and that history includes years of focusing on customer satisfaction and the highest payouts possible.

In addition to our many years of experience and excellent customer service, we also offer a Price “Beat” Guarantee — we will beat any competitor’s written offer or return your items to you free of charge.

In order to send us your sterling silver, request a free Appraisal Kit. We will provide you a tracking number along with the prepaid label, allowing you to track your package through every step of the silver selling process.

Sell Silverware FAQs

Is silver plate worth money?

Silverplate items typically hold less monetary value compared to solid silver or sterling silver because they consist of a base metal coated with a thin layer of silver. Because of this, the metal cannot be melted down to get the sterling silver. There could be value in silver-plated items if their design, historical significance, and condition are desirable.

Does anyone buy silver-plated flatware?

Yes. You might be able to sell silver-plated silverware to silver buyers, silver dealers, or through private sales.

Is silverware worth anything anymore?

Silverware, especially if made from sterling silver, can hold significant value based on its material, weight, and the current market price of silver. Antique or rare pieces from reputable manufacturers might also have value due to their collectability and historical significance. It’s advisable to consult with a professional appraiser or a reputable silver dealer to accurately determine the value of silverware. You can always send your silver materials to us, and we will make you an offer. We buy real silver items, not silver-plated. We buy silver flatware, silver spoons, sterling silver items, and even silver jewelry and silver coins. Send your silver to us as well as your gold, platinum, and diamonds.

How do I know if my silverware is worth anything?

Look for marks or stamps that indicate the silver content and purity. Sterling silver is usually marked “925” or “Sterling.” You can also get it appraised. You can send your silverware to Cash for Silver USA to receive a free Appraisal Kit.

How much can I sell sterling silver for?

The selling price of silver can vary based on factors such as weight, condition, and current market value. It all depends on where you decide to sell it. Local buyers need to cover a lot of expenses, like rent, utilities, insurance, and cleaning, so you will likely receive less. Cash for Silver USA will make a fair offer and match any written offer.

Is it worth selling silver flatware?

If you have inherited silver flatware or have had your pieces for years, with the high price of silver, it might be worth selling your silver.

What is the best way to sell my old silverware?

We like to think selling online is the best way to sell sterling silver flatware. Cash For Silver USA has paid millions of dollars to customers who wished to sell their silverware, silver, gold, and precious metals. We have served thousands of customers. And, we offer a Price “Beat” Guarantee: We will beat any competitor’s written offer or return your items to you free of charge.


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