The price silver fetches on the open market is higher than it’s been in decades. Gold is also a sought after commodity at the moment. What many people may not realize is that when the price of gold spikes, the price of silver climbs too. Gold is inherently worth more than silver, of course, but if you happen to have any silver on hand that you no longer have interest in holding, it’s a favorable time to take advantage of the market.

Silver’s meteoric rise in value correlates to the state of the modern economy. The entire world has been facing challenging timed since the onset of the pandemic in the beginning of 2020. When this happens, investors typically avoid putting their assets in paper currency. When the economy is strong, paper currency is a great way to make a profit, since paper currency values and devalues much faster than precious stones and metals. However, when paper currency is unstable, investors grow nervous and turn back to gold, silver, and diamonds. This is due to the inherent worth of these commodities – they hold value even when paper money is less reliable. When the demand for gold, silver, and diamonds is driven up, so is the price. More demand means less supply and less supply causes the price of the targeted item to rise!

This is what has happened to silver, and the reason why now is a favorable time to sell silver. Many sellers are nervous about entering this market considering how competitive it is and on top of that, the average consumer may not be well versed when it comes to dealing in precious metals.

To this end, Cash for Silver USA is proud to present the silver calculator. This is an entirely free online calculator that allows the user to plug in the attributes of his or her silver item and figure out its actual melt value based on the silver price of the day along with the purity and weight of the item at hand. This allows the seller to enter the market with more confidence.

Even better, the silver calculator is free source, which means that you can take the code from Cash for Silver USA and embed the calculator on your own personal website. Cash for Silver USA is happy to assist potential silver sellers in becoming more confident about entering the market – and we want the word to get out to as many people as possible!

Give the silver calculator a try. You might be surprised how much value you may have and how much money you can make simply by selling your wares!

*Prices show are not quotes. Additional factors play a role when determining the value of your material such as weight, purity, volume, market value the day your items are received as well as the costs associated with evaluating your material.