We Buy Silver Coins and Bars


Cash for Silver USA is one of the web’s most trusted buyers of silver coins and silver bars. A subsidiary of CJ Environmental, we have been in business since 2005, operating on the foundations of honesty and customer satisfaction. As a silver refiner, we offer prices based solely on silver content; this means that we will never give you a lower price because of denomination or condition.

Cash for Silver USA will also buy your silver bars. If you purchased silver bars as an investment, we offer the perfect opportunity to cash in on those investments. We take all kinds of silver bars, and we offer payouts based on the current price of silver, so you don’t have to worry about getting shortchanged.

We buy all kinds of silver coins and bars, whether they are collectible or commemorative. If you have a collection of commemorative silver coins from your younger years that is taking up too much space in your closet, now is the perfect time to cash in and check out. With the silver market doing so well, it’s time to leave that collection behind and put some well-earned cash in those pockets of yours!

Now is a great time to cash in on your unwanted or commemorative silver coins and bars. With the Silver Market at an all-time high, it’s a perfect time to sell your collection. We buy ALL SILVER COINS regardless of their denomination, condition or country of origin.

Here is a list of some of the most common Silver Coins CASH FOR SILVER USA buys:

Silver American Eagles

Silver American Eagle Dollars

Silver Australian Kookaburra

Silver Australian Kangaroo

Silver Austrian Vienna Philharmonic

Silver British Britannia

Silver Canadian Maple Leafs

Silver Chinese Panda

Silver Gibraltar Dogs

Silver Isle of Man Cats

Silver Mexican Libertad

Silver New Zealand Kiwi

Silver Russian Sable

Silver U.S. Buffalo Nickels

Silver U.S. Coins (Pre-1965) (90%)

Silver Kennedy Half-Dollars (40%)

Silver Vienna Philharmonics

Silver Zambia Elephant


We Pay Cash for Silver Bullion & Ingots .999 Fine Silver Bars such as Engelhard and Johnson Matthey or other Silver Ingots.

More American Coins We
Pay Cash for:

1942-1945 War Nickel

1916-1945 Mercury Dime

1946-1964 Roosevelt Dime

1932-1964 Washington Quarter

1916-1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1948-1962 Franklin Half-Dollar

Pre – 1964 Susan Anthony Dollars

Pre – 1969 Presidential Dollars PR69

Pre – 1969 Sacagawea Dollars

1878-1921 Morgan Dollar

1921-1935 Peace Dollar

1971-1976 Ike Dollar (40%)

1976 Silver Bicentennials


More Canadian Coins We
Pay Cash for:

1920-1967 Canadian Dime

1967-1968 Canadian Dime (50%)

1920-1967 Canadian Quarter

1967-1968 Canadian Quarter (50%)

1920-1967 Canadian Half Dollar

1935-1967 Canadian Dollar

If your coin is not listed above, don’t worry, we offer Highest Prices Paid, 24-Hour Payments and a full Guarantee for ANY SILVER COIN from ANY

To request your FREE SILVER SHIPPING LABEL simply fill out the Form and we’ll email you a FEDEX SHIPPING LABEL so you can easily ship us your Silver Material –no matter what it is — at no cost to you.