What is Sterling Silver Wiring?

Sell Scrap Silver WiringYou may not have known this, but you can sell scrap silver wiring to Cash for Silver USA. Silver wiring is used in a large volume of gold and silver jewelry. Sterling silver wire is of the highest quality and allows one to work with it, without it becoming brittle or difficult to work with. Silver wiring is most often used in bracelets, but sometimes can be found in necklaces and earrings.


There are two types of sterling silver wiring: dead soft and half hard wire. Dead soft is more flexible and is often preferred for more intricate jewelry designs. Half hard wire, on the other hand, holds its shape better and is more durable. At Cash for Silver USA, we accept both types of scrap silver wiring.


Sterling Silver vs. Nickel Silver Wiring

The difference between sterling silver and nickel silver wiring is the contents. Sterling silver contains 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper, while nickel silver contains 60 percent copper and equal parts nickel and zinc. While both appear to be silver in color, only sterling silver can truly be considered “silver.”


Sterling silver is quite malleable and ductile, while nickel silver wiring is more firm. Regardless, Cash for Silver USA accepts both and will give you cash for sterling silver or nickel silver wiring. Silver wiring is also used beyond jewelry making; silver wiring can be found in some guitar amps and other guitar items.


Sell Scrap Silver Wiring for Cash

Cash for Sterling or Nickel Silver Wiring

As previously mentioned, Cash for Silver USA is happy to accept both types of silver wiring. The process is quite simple, and actually, couldn’t be much easier. All you have to do is request a free shipping label, gather up your sterling or nickel silver wiring, send them to us in the mail, and wait for your check. We’re so sure that the number on the check will exceed your expectations, we promise to send your items back if you aren’t completely satisfied.


In addition to sterling and nickel silver wiring, we accept all types of silver items. Chances are, if it’s silver we’ll accept it, regardless of the condition.  Our client testimonial page is full of praise for Cash for Silver USA, and we promise to offer you the best customer service and the largest check you’ll get from any of our competitors. At Cash for Silver USA, we aren’t satisfied with merely meeting the standard, but enjoy exceeding it each and every time.