Monex, a Newport Beach investment firm, is just one of the many companies giving the market of gold and silver buyers a bad name. This company apparently misled and lied to customers, encouraging them to protect their life savings by purchasing hard assets like gold and silver. Immediately after their customers purchased hard assets, Monex encouraged them to sell to silver buyers on the market, while silver was still a hot commodity. Little did these customers know, these “trustworthy investors” were buying and selling gold and silver to silver buyers on a margin, using money borrowed from other Monex customers.

Some customers claim to have lost upwards of $400,000, while others are upset they’ve lost almost their entire life savings or retirement funds. Monex has been the target of federal regulators and customer complaints, since a Monex predecessor obtained over $1 billion from the unsuspecting public through sham sales of silver coins in 1945.  Although Monex claims to be “America’s trusted name in precious metals investment,” after hearing these horror stories, it is obvious that precious metal investment and trading isn’t the most secure route to take.

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