One of the most popular wedding gifts is sterling silver flatware. With brands like Tiffany making sterling silver flatware, and major department stores like Macy’s carrying a wide selection, it only makes sense that sterling silver flatware is a staple on every bridal registry.

Unfortunately, many brides-to-be overestimate exactly how many sets they will use during the span of their married life. Those dreams of throwing extravagant dinner parties are usually dead after the honeymoon, not to mention if the newlyweds decide to bring children into the world. In today’s hustle and bustle atmosphere, where a dual-income is usually necessary just to make ends meet, throwing dinner parties and having the girls over for tea and hors d’oeuvres is no longer as much of a common occurrence as it was decades ago. If you’re one of the many American married couples that overestimated exactly how much cutlery you’d be using, you may be looking for sterling silver flatware buyers.

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