Sterling Silverware


Sell SilverwareWhen you think of silver, you may think about your silver coin collection or the beautiful necklace your husband gave you for your wedding anniversary. While we do accept both these items at Cash for Silver USA, we also accept more “out of the box” items, like silverware. Silverware is the broad term given to household silver, like tableware, cutlery and even candlesticks.


These items are usually made of sterling silver, Britannia silver, Sheffield plate silver, or a silver-plated base metal. Chances are, if it contains silver we’ll accept it, because at Cash for Silver USA we are all about silver! While silverware is a very common wedding or engagement party gift, it may not be suitable to the unique taste of the bride and groom. Or, in some cases, duplicate sets are purchased. If you find yourself with extra silverware, or just have never used the only set you own, send us your silverware and get paid for it!


Easy, Convenient, and Reliable


At Cash for Silver USA the “cash for silver” process is easy, convenient, and 100 percent reliable. If you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with the amount written on the check, all you have to do is send it back and we’ll return your items as soon as possible! Sending us your items is no cause to worry either; we insure every one of our packages, and they can easily be tracked in the mail so you know where your precious metal items are at all times.


So, if you’ve found yourself with extra silverware, fill out a request form today and we’ll send you a shipping label as soon as possible. If this doesn’t sound like enough to persuade you to give us a chance, check out our client testimonial page. A handful of customers were so happy with our service, they came back to our website to tell us about it!


We Offer the Highest Payouts


At Cash for Silver USA not only do we have the highest prices paid, but you’ll receive your payment within 24 hours, guaranteed. At Cash for Silver USA, we deal with such a high volume of precious metal on a day-to-day basis that it enables us to pay you what you deserve. You won’t find higher payouts anywhere else on the web, and we are happy to take your unwanted (or even broken) silverware off your hands today!


What are you waiting for? Fill out a form today and you’ll be on your way to more cash in your pockets!