There is no time like right now to trade in your various unwanted silver items for cash. The economy just isn’t what it used to be, and with talks of an upsurge in the price of silver, selling your silver right now may be a great choice to make for your finances. At Cash for Silver USA, we will buy your silver items and pay you the cash you deserve, guaranteed. We’ve been in the business long enough, and have had enough satisfied customers to be able to back our promises.

If you’re wondering what types of silver items we accept, here is a partial list of acceptable items: silver coins and bars, sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware and serving pieces, broken or damaged silver, and scrap silver. A full list is found on our website, and includes the specifics of each acceptable type of silver category.

We buy all silver coins regardless of their origin, condition, or denomination. We pay cash for silver bullion, and if you can’t find your coin on our list, we still offer the highest prices paid, twenty-four hour payments, and a full guarantee for any silver coin, from any country. As far as silver jewelry goes, we accept silver jewelry that is stamped with the following codes: “SS,” “Sterling,” “Sterling Silver,” “800,” “925,” “925/1000,” and “999.” If your jewelry has one of these markings, it falls into the category of a type of silver we accept. Some of the more popular brands we accept are Baker-Manchester, Easterling, Tiffany, and Westmorland. As with the silver jewelry section, the specific types of silver flatware and serving pieces we accept can be found on our website.

At Cash for Silver USA we are not concerned about your metal’s condition or appearance whatsoever. Your silver items can be tarnished, broken, and completely mangled. We will still accept it! The value of your silver is based solely on weight and purity, neither of which is affected by the condition or appearance of the silver. At Cash for Silver USA we accept all types of silver and promise the highest payment possible.