The Rich History of Silver

by Amber Zhai photo by seriykotik1970 | Dating back to ancient times, man has apparently always been obsessed with shiny things. Silver: the Early Years Since its discovery, silver has been highly regarded and coveted for both its aesthetic appeal and practicality. The first significant mining of silver began sometime after [...]

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3 Tests to Tell if your Silver is Real or Fake

by Alex Francis Sterling silver antiques are incredibly valuable and silver jewelry is undeniably timeless, so it’s no wonder that such items are very commonly faked and forged. So before you find yourself buying jewelry that will turn your skin green or paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for what you think is a set [...]

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How to Properly Clean Silver

It is commonly believed that there is a price to pay for beauty. In the case of silver, this may be true. It is without a doubt one of the most lustrous, unique, versatile, beloved metals and extraordinarily popular for jewelry, household wares, and other forms of decorative art. By the same token, silver also [...]

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